Team Building

Team Building

Thanks to years of experience, Musidrama offers custom events, catered and coherent to the entrepreneurial spirit of each company. An orchestra is run like business and the conductor is the manager. We understand that each company needs to build a united, efficient, and successful entity through harmony and measure.

Musidrama designs team-building sessions focused on each company’s core values.

We believe that it is a wonderful challenge to create events that will strengthen team cohesion and team integration while developing personal motivations.

Musidrama thrives to adapt itself to each company’s values while creating a stronger business spirit in a more communicative workspace. We are ready to take on any challenge.

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A few examples (open-ended list) :

Choir : from 25 to 5000 people. All employees sing an anthem together.

Small group choirs (with participants assigned in groups of 20 to 50 people) Each group has its own coach to help them work on a song. At the end of the day each group presents their work in a concert/showcase format.

Participative percussion (how to vibrate as a group, to the same rhythm)

Theatre coaching : improvisation, public speaking, emotion control...